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How do you use a body wash bar soap?

1. Rub bar between hands, creating lather.

2. Scrub lather on body.

3. Rinse thoroughly with water.

*Store bar in a dry place or soap rack.*

How long will 1 bar last?

25+ washes

How many bottles of liquid alternative is each bar equal to?

1 SHOWER CANDY bar is equivalent to 1 bottle of liquid body wash alternative.

How should I store my bar?

We recommend storing your bar in a dry place or soap rack. If traveling you can reuse the original pouch during your trip. SImply towel dry the bar, place it back into the pouch and fold over the top.

Are these bars good for travel?

Yes yes and YES! All Shower Candy products are TSA o.k. and great to travel with because they. can be thrown into a carry-on luggage or duffle bag without having to worry about spilling or leakage.... shower anywhere, just add water.

Are the body wash bar soaps safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! The entire line of Shower Candy body wash bar soaps are formulated with natural ingredients and are safe to cleanse sensitive skin types.