Diving into our scent profiles

Diving into our scent profiles

Scent is personal. We've created a variety of unique scent profiles for all of our bath & body collections including our solid self-care products for hair, face and body. Each scent profile was blended to enhance your self-care routine as well as to turn an everyday shower into pure bliss.... And for those who prefer no scent at all, or if you have any specific scent allergy, we offer our shampoo's, conditioner's and bar soaps in a fragrance free alternative. 

Gentle for all hair and skin types

All Shower Candy natural bath and body collections are formulated with an EO/FO blend for each scent profile. These are natural essential oils blended together with skin safe fragrances derived from non-petroleum origins. 

Clean Formulation

Our scent blends are phthalate and formaldehyde FREE, two major components found in a majority of other synthetic fragrances. The reason it's a big deal is because phthalate is known to be an endocrine disruptor and because formaldehyde is notorious for causing skin rashes and could potentially cause shortness of breath. All Shower Candy scents are also FREE of heavy metals! Shower Candy sources all of our scents from some of the most conscious natural suppliers in the world. We are proud to offer natural bath and body products are an affordable price point and FREE of these common chemical shortcuts that are often bad for your skin and the planet.  

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